Here’s your chance to encourage and support current Sullivan students with your been there-done that perspective. It’s all via email so you can participate from anywhere as long as you’re computer savvy and committed to communicating regularly. We need YOU to help make a difference for today’s students by serving as an eMentor.

The eMentoring program at Sullivan University is designed to allow graduates of the associates and/or bachelors programs, an opportunity to voluntarily share their time, experience and expertise with current students via email. The mentoring relationship is not designed to be a gateway to employment, but rather communication is primarily focused on supporting, guiding and encouraging current students (mentees) in their pursuit of educational and/or professional goals.

Mentor Matching: Alumni agree to be matched with a specific student (in their field of study if at all possible) for a period of time not exceed one year with the purpose of developing a more in-depth relationship where interactions are directed via a monthly prompt. Alumni create an account in the Mentor Module. Students and alumni will complete an online application and commitment of participation prior to being officially enrolled in the program and will receive an email introduction to each other to begin the mentor-mentee relationship.

Become a Mentor


By becoming a mentor you will step out in front of a student to ”help” shine a light on their path ahead. Chances are good that your words of encouragement and support will help to navigate them through any difficulties and will make their successes smoother. You will be making a difference in a student’s path that could determine the decision of “toughing it out” rather than “giving it up”.

Dedicating your time and efforts to the eMentor program shows us that what you’ve experienced at Sullivan has motivated you to give back. You will gain wisdom and leadership skills, while the university and the student will be forever grateful. That is a win-win for everyone.

Find a Mentor


You will be matched with an Alumnus who will share their knowledge and experiences with you “online”. Having a mentor is a beneficial way to obtain assistance with your classes, goals, and challenges, and keep you on track to graduation.

You will gain life-long skills and advice to carry with you into your field of study.

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